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2016-10 cpp cave - Manual search becomes a relic

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2016-10 cpp cave - Manual search becomes a

PLANTS, APPARATUS, COMPONENTS Data management system with integrated web server Manual search becomes a relic In the field of automated production, changes and improvements are made to production processes on a regular basis in order to maximise productivity, efficiency and product quality. However, changing the control programmes in this way is far from risk-free, and errors can occur at any time. To overcome this problem, intelligent data management systems are used to manage and protect key project data. By organising data absolutely transparently at a central storage location and enabling users to carry out predictive maintenance, the data management system helps to keep a plant fully operational. Versioning, automated backup and documentation with Versiondog Thanks to the Versiondog data management system, users in production and maintenance can benefit from a truly all-in-one solution that offers version control, automated backup and the ability to document data from a wide range of controllers and automation devices in a single, non-proprietary system. With constant access to a plant’s latest software version at a centralised location, improvements and modifications can be carried out quickly and efficiently. All changes are documented in the change history along with a comment explaining why each one was made. Versiondog not only records changes made by the plant’s own personnel but also documents those undertaken by external service providers or plant manufacturers. Unwanted programme changes are likewise recorded, no matter whether they occurred by accident, through ignorance or intentionally (e. g. cyber attack). The system thus ensures complete documentation and even helps users prepare for audits by providing the required documents. The recently released Versiondog 4.0 introduces many enhancements and new features with a particular emphasis on Industry 4.0. Web server for more flexibility The Versiondog system now features an integrated web server. This is part of the standard setup and can be activated in the server settings with a simple click. Users can then view reports compiled by the Versiondog Report- Client via their browser from any location using any device. All the most common web browsers are supported (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). With new report formats, more filtering and sorting options and touch screen support, Versiondog is more user-friendly than ever before. If further evaluation is required (e. g. in Excel), all reports can now be downloaded from the browser as a CSV file. Non-proprietariness is one of the key features of Versiondog. The device integration is continually being improved to offer the widest range of support for automation systems currently available in the market. With this in mind, the latest editors for devices already supported by Versiondog, such as PCS7 V8.2, RS Logix5000 V28, Citectscada V7.50 and Intouch V11.1, will also be integrated into the software. The range of supported automation devices has also been expanded to include SEW frequency converters, GE Proficy ME, Siemens Scalance switches, Mitsubishi robots and Kistler process monitors. Predictive maintenance The add-on Factory Floor Status helps users create a comprehensive data management strategy to facilitate predictive maintenance and ensure sustainable production quality. With web server integration, device information that is spread out across an entire production facility can be quickly accessed from anywhere in the network. Furthermore, Factory Floor Status shows the current status of automatic backup and compare jobs and the results of comparisons with the programme’s latest version on the Versiondog system. Device-specific monitors also ensure complete transparency by displaying production-related information for every device. 36 cpp 3-2016


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