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Application Story - Automotive Industry

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Application Story - Automotive

APPLICATIONSTORY A Major Automotive Manufacturer Uses the AutoSave Scripting Solution to Backup Ethernet Switches to Combat Cyber Security Vulnerabilities THE CHALLENGE A large automotive manufacturer was using older Ethernet switches for communication between networks in the plant. These switches are in abundant use as industrial plants are becoming more and more connected, and Ethernet is a costeffective, high-speed solution for interconnecting devices (i.e., PLCs, HMIs, robots) on an industrial network. Many established Ethernet switches use older communication protocols and, in some cases, these protocols are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The newer (managed) Ethernet switches are designed to allow for secure updates to combat cyber threats as they develop. There are considerable risks with communications to automation devices being changed in ways that lead to downtime, defective products, and safety hazards. This customer required a way to automatically backup the switch configuration files, so the correct data could be easily and quickly reloaded if a configuration change had undesirable results. THE SOLUTION The plant already uses AutoSave Change Management Software to provide program backup, version control and comparison for its automation devices. These features enable the plant to prepare for a cyber-attack on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) by securing program revisions in a central repository, detecting if an unauthorized or unknown program change is made, and recovering from that harmful change by quickly restoring the latest approved program. The plant needed to be able to recover from a switch configuration change, as well. AutoSave already provides change management for newer switches, such as Rockwell Automation Stratix Switches, Siemens Scalance Switches, and others. However, these older switches in use at this particular plant, did not allow a direct connect to them, except via an older manual method requiring user input. To back up configuration data in the older switches, it required a joint solution from the switch vendor and AUVESY-MDT. The AutoSave Scripting Module was chosen to be used in this AUVESY-MDT • 3480 Preston Ridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005 • +1.678.297.1000


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