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Application Story - Metal Industry

A Specialty Metals Manufacturer Experiences Product Loss After an Undetected PLC Code Change

Application Story - Metal

APPLICATIONSTORY A Specialty Metals Manufacturer Experiences Product Loss After an Undetected PLC Code Change THE CHALLENGE A specialty metals producer for was given new material specifications by the customer that required a change to the PLC programming code. The change was made to the master copy but it was not loaded into the device itself. Therefore, the program code on file did not match the code running on the device. The code running on the device was still following the ‘old recipe’ resulting in the production of three months worth of incorrect material. The product had to be recalled, reproduced and resent. A mismatch in the code on file with the code running on the device resulted in three months worth of wasted materials that was then recalled and reproduced. THE SOLUTON After incurring the cost of the product error, the manufacturer looked for a way to ensure that all program changes were captured to a central location and the most up-to-date program could be immediately downloaded to the device. AutoSave captures and saves program updates as they are made and then saves the new version in the central repository on the AutoSave server, retaining the old version as an ancestor copy, so all program versions are in the same place. A simple click downloads the latest program to the device. Further protecting the plant’s products and people, AutoSave’s Change Comparison and Notification feature ensure that PLC code changes will not go undetected. THE RESULTS Now, with AutoSave, all changes in program logic are automatically recorded by user, date, time, location and specific change detail. Adding a further level of protection, AutoSave is used compare any two copies of a program to each other or the device to detect and identify changes that may have been unknown or unauthorized, thus protecting the plant’s people, processes and equipment. AUVESY-MDT • 3480 Preston Ridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005 • +1.678.297.1000


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