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Application Story - Mining & Metals Industry

Application Story - Mining & Metals

APPLICATIONSTORY AUVESY-MDT Works with Mining Operation to Enhance AutoSave Resulting in Elimination of Costly Audits THE CHALLENGE Every few weeks, after a personnel rotation at several mining sites, a manual audit of each PLC was required in order to identify forced bits and rectify the causes of the changes that occurred during the previous rotation. These manual audits cost the large mining and metals manufacturer million USD per quarter in lost production during the audit process. Manual audits of PLC forced bits were costing the mining & metals company million per quarter across several mines THE SOLUTON The mining and metals corporation already had AutoSave installed at a number of sites across a continent so that they could view a history of all changes performed on each device, compare programs and when required, revert to a previously used version. AUVESY-MDT worked with the customer to add features to AutoSave to track and report specific types of device force bits automatically. These reports were then used to address the underlying reasons for the forces and eliminated the need for manual audits. THE RESULTS With the easily run report, only taking a few minutes to complete, each site was able to eliminate the need to perform the manual audit during each personnel shift saving the company million per quarter. AutoSave’s audit trail and notification of changes provided the sites with invaluable information on what changes were made, why and by whom enabling each site to increase staff safety by reducing hazards related to unknown or incorrect program changes. AUVESY-MDT • 3480 Preston Ridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005 • +1.678.297.1000


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