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Automatic image creation

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Automatic image

Technical article: automatic image creation Automatic image creation and management for large industrial application PCs are at the heart of industrial environments. Often there are thousands in use in large production facilities. When it comes to ensuring reliability at a production facility, some PCs are more critical than others. After the requisite risk assessment has been carried out, data should be backed up at regular intervals. In other words, images of the PCs should be created. Managing these PCs and managing the image creation of these PCs is extremely complicated and costs a great deal of time. There is a high demand for automatic solutions, which reduce the work involved when creating jobs and that provide an overview of the current stance of the data. Though a common feature in the office, more time for correct implementation is required when creating images for production facilities. AUVESY GmbH recognised this many years ago and developed a data management solution in order to support users in the automated production sector with automatic backups and version control as well as documenting the status of their software data that is running on the devices. With the tools provided by AUVESY, it is easy to see who changed what, where, when, and why. Overall the use of these tools leads to improved quality of production and fewer stoppages. It also provides complete traceability when it comes to manufacturer processes. Automatic image creation as a cornerstone of a complete solution As the automated production sector continues to grow, developments such as the need for a complete solution from a single source have not gone unnoticed by the Landau-based software company. Dr. Tim Weckerle (Img. 1), CEO AUVESY GmbH explains, “In the past, we were focussed solely on developing our version management system, versiondog, and various add-ons that we could provide users. We want to move away from single tools and move towards complete solutions. In addition, we want to cement our dominance as the data management specialists for automated production and through this continue to offer services which are of immediate benefit to our customers. In addition, we will integrate even more services in the future. This can already be seen in our upcoming software release versiondog 7.0. The image creation possibilities offered by the AUVESY Image Service and/or Acronis are two good examples of this.” Theoretically, automatic image creation has been available for the last two years; however, for users this necessitated additional bureaucratic procurement costs. From versiondog 7.0, Drive Snapshot technology is completely integrated in versiondog and is available via the AUVESY Image Service. Alternatively, users can also opt to use Acronis, which is also supported. AUVESY Image Service or Acronis? Img. 1: Dr. Tim Weckerle, CEO AUVESY: “We want to move away from single tools and move towards complete solutions.” At first glance, it may be somewhat confusing as to why the software would support two different interfaces, both of which are involved in automatic image creation. From the user’s point of view, it is a logical step (Img. 2). Drive Snapshot is a widely-used data recovery software. At the click of a button, the software creates images that Img.2: Image creation with AUVESY Image Service or Acronis in versiondog Copyright AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: July 2019 Page 1 of 3


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