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AutoSave for System Platform Frequently Asked Questions Q1: What is AutoSave for System Platform? A1: AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP) is an endorsed third-party software product built by MDT Software. AutoSave for System Platform complements AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware, and the AVEVA Development Studio and IDE solution with unparalleled change management lowering risk and increasing control. It allows engineers to archive and retrieve versioned objects, templates, and instances for AVEVA System Platform as well as manage the versions. This delivers a high level of integrity assurance for AVEVA System Platform applications while lowering life-cycle automation system maintenance costs. The AutoSave user interface closely resembles the IDE interface for consistent developer familiarity and quick learning curve. Additional features include the ability to compare two revisions and report differences, and restore an object from AutoSave to the Galaxy Repository. Q2: What are main benefits of AutoSave for System Platform? A2: Benefits include: • On AVEVA System Platform 2020 systems A4SP v5 runs without the need for a DevStudio to be running on the GR Node! • Provides an “undo” capability to remove unwanted changes to objects and restore a previous version of an object. • Enables comparison between versions of an object and detailed identification of differences • Extends the AVEVA System Platform audit tracking capability with significant extra value. • Ensures that intellectual property in the system design is retained. • On AVEVA System Platform 2020 systems, A4SP v5 no longer requires an additional GR Access license to run! • Allows for greater experimentation to be done during design phases to test new ideas with rapid rollback of undesirable changes. • Assists in the mitigation and management of conflicts during development of a new system Page 1 of 5


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