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Brochure - AutoSave Change Management

Product brochure

Brochure - AutoSave Change

MDT AutoSave Automation change management Comprehensive change control for any environment using automated assets MDT AutoSave provides version control, backups, historical tracking, flexible user permissions, electronic approval and audit trails, automatic change detection, and disaster recovery in: PLC, CNC, SCADA systems, robots, HMI, drives, welders, workstations and documents. Reduce downtime Avoid errors Protect users & assets Increase security Increase productivity MDT AutoSave enables users to: • Avoid errors by undoing an incorrect change and restore program data within seconds. • Recover quickly if a program is lost (device failure, power loss, etc.) Automatically retrieve the most current copy of the device program. • Validate the program running in the processor matches the reference program you designate, to detect changes that may have been unknown or unauthorized to protect people, processes and equipment. • Prepare, detect and recover from cybersecurity threats AutoSave provides complete control over device programs, including: • The capability to perform detailed comparison of any two versions of a program. • Central storage of all program versions • Electronic approval and audit trails • Flexible user permissions


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