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Case Study - Automotive supplier creates PC images with versiondog

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Case Study - Automotive supplier creates PC images with

CASE STUDY PI IMAGE CREATION Quickly backup disk images Automove supplier uses versiondog as a central tool for their maintenance The following case study is taken from a producon facility of an automove supplier that recently was recognized for its predicve maintenance by the state of Baden-Würemberg. The company uses the data management system versiondog. The benefits of a highly integrated producon facility include short distances, concentrated experse, and integrated structures. It doesn’t maer whether we are talking about an automove supplier, a producer of consumer products, or a broad-based, medium-sized company. All companies are united by the pressure to have a ghtly integrated supply and order chain. In order to meet the demands that come with this, companies are restructuring their producon facilies, so that maintenance is given top priority. Two important aspects of this include preventave maintenance and reducon of planned and unplanned downme. In order to keep interrupons to producon at a minimum, the leading automove suppliers have structured their internaonal supply chain to include maintenance. In addion to numerous organisaonal benefits, this structure also has an added advantage in that it helps to ensure that urgently needed spare parts are available throughout the enre network, not just at local producon sites. The aim here is to achieve a fast response me with regard to troubleshoong. The Industrial Internet of Things and Arficial Intelligence are also playing increasingly important roles. Each producon facility has its own maintenance team, which is organised into a hierchical structure within the network. There is a central data system for networked manufacturing and logiscs. versiondog, the version control and data management system from AUVESY is a part of this system. It stores soware versions, parameters, backups of the controllers, and the change history. In the event of failure, versiondog helps to ensure that the requisite data can be restored and then downloaded back on to the machine. The system has been in use at the site since 2011. Prior to its introducon, there was already a version control process in place for soware versions and parameters. And the task of documenng WHO changed WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY has long been in pracce. The main purpose of bringing in versiondog was to correct errors faster. The focus isn’t on the errors per se, but rather problem solving. Because of this no employee feels controlled by the documentaon. Always know what data is running on a device Unplanned downme was the trigger for integrang versiondog. This occurred when data from the programmers was not properly saved and, in the aermath of a defect that followed, Page 1/4


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