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Case Study - Nestlé Purina

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Case Study - Nestlé

CASE STUDY AutoSave Increases Productivity and Reduces Downtime and Safety Risks for Nestlé Purina With AutoSave Change Management Software, a Nestlé Purina plant was able to replace their manual version control process with an automated solution that documents and stores the program version made by multiple programmers so that no program is lost while verifying the correct program is running, reducing risk of downtime and errors. The Background: A Manual Process to Managing Changes As automation devices have grown more complex and have incorporated more plant data in their operation, there is an increased need for programming changes to continue smooth operation or improve performance. In environments requiring frequent changes, it is not uncommon for code to be lost or changes overwritten resulting in increased downtime and decreased productivity. Before AutoSave was installed at the Nestlé Purina plant in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, the plant used a “home grown” program to track changes in their programmable devices. Approximately 15 programmers regularly made changes by accessing the most current program from Explorer, making changes and then saving the new version of the program back on Explorer. The Challenge The plant was using a home grown program to track automation changes that did not provide proper documentation, revision control or a way to identify the correct program The Solution The Nestlé Purina plant installed AutoSave to ensure the correct copy of the program is always immediately available and program mismatches are easily identifiable. The Result Since AutoSave supports a wide range of devices, the entire plant is now protected against downtime and the risk of product waste is greatly decreased. Their intellectual property is also protected, decreasing operational and engineering costs.


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