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Case Study - Nestle - versiondog comes for coffee

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Case Study - Nestle - versiondog comes for

CASE STUDY Nestlé versiondog comes for coffee At the Nestlé plant in Mainz, Germany, a clear strategy for the use of versiondog versioning and data management software was developed before implementation; no more backing up to USB sticks; huge time savings thanks to versiondog “Well before it went live, we had worked out a clear plan for exactly how we were going to use the new versiondog versioning and data management software from AUVESY,” says Michael Mrugalla, who works in process automation at the Mainz plant. “We also had to think about what backups really meant for us. With all our field devices, control programs, drive systems, programming languages, file formats and software applications, we needed to know precisely what we have to back up in case a breakdown (e.g. a power outage) stops production. Because the whole point of making a backup is to be able to recover data quickly and easily when something goes wrong and continue working as if nothing had happened. But that means more than simply restarting production, it also means we need to be able to pick up where we left off with our ongoing process maintenance and optimisation.” It was particularly important to Nestlé that their backup strategy be built around a single continually active and universally applicable solution. And they wanted it to maintain a centralised backup of all the data necessary for both recovery and further development for all devices and all related projects (i.e. every piece of hardware and software). And the programs actually running on controllers need to correspond precisely with the data on the server. If not, the reason must be easily identifiable and the valid version always available to be reloaded onto the device. versiondog makes data management easy “These days we take our straightforward data management process for granted, but it wasn’t always like this,” says Mrugalla, “A few years ago, the USB stick was our main tool. We had a whole collection of them. But four years ago, when we got AUVESY’s versiondog, we decided to use the software for both data management and versioning. This meant we were able to introduce standardised central data storage, a fully automatic backup system (including backup of desired values), version management with detailed change detection, easily comprehensible documentation for quality management, and, as a result of clear user management, optimal coordination between members of staff. And with versiondog, it works as well in practice as it did in the plan.” Page 1/4


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