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Case Study - Siemens Energy

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Case Study - Siemens

REFERENCE | Siemens Energy Fast service on the high seas versiondog helps to keep service technicians on top of things around the world AA + In order to ensure that oil can be extracted on drilling rigs and ships can leave port, Siemens Energy relies on services like AUVESY’s versiondog software. What comes to mind when you think of a battery? Perhaps a normal household battery, like the one you use for your TV remote? Or better yet your car battery. When it comes to power storage at Siemens Energy, batteries take on a There is significantly more power in these batteries than in any household battery. The XXL batteries from Siemens Energy, consist of 9 battery modules with 28 cells connected in a series. whole new dimension. What the user sitting in central control unit perceives to be an XXL battery is in fact a network of power cells joined together. Depending on energy requirements, there can be up to 30 switch cabinets connected to each other. And that’s not all. In each control cabinet, 9 battery modules are connected in a series, and each of these modules are made up of around 28 cells. And who requires such big packs? The rise of electromobility at sea should make people forget about engines running on diesel and crude oil. At present, there are several ferries sailing the fjords that produce zero emissions; and, on drilling platforms, engines that were designed for peak loads are gradually becoming a thing of the past. The engine units, including switchgear, controls and power supply are manufactured at Siemens Energy in Trondheim. Jan Petersen is a production line engineer at Siemens Energy AS and previously programmed engine software – so he is an expert when it comes to hardware and software. “Ensuring global supervision and accountability requires a comprehensive and uniform source for all projects and versions,” explains Page 1/4


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