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Case Study - versiondog at ELWEMA

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Case Study - versiondog at

CASE STUDY ELWEMA Automotive GmbH Version control also used in system and machine production versiondog makes the latest versions available to everyone working on a system project. With standardised version control, there is no longer any need for searching, guessing or asking questions. This saves a great deal of time, even after a system has been completed. When Karl-Heinz Büchel talks about the benefits of versiondog, the manufacturer-independent version control and data management solution by AUVESY from Landau, Germany, he speaks of transparency, a clear rights structure, less time spent searching, greater reliability, improved traceability, a reduced workload and much, much more. Büchel is Director of Control Systems& Automation at ELWEMA Automotive GmbH. Based in Ellwangen and Monschau, the company specialises in innovative and customer-specific manufacturing solutions in the areas of cleaning, testing and assembly, particularly for engines, steering and gearboxes in the automotive sector. Its list of clients reads like a “who’s who” of vehicle manufacturers worldwide. As a result, ELWEMA has stringent requirements for its systems and for data and program management for PLCs, HMIs, robotics and configuration data. versiondog brings clarity versiondog is used by ELWEMA in the fields of engineering and system production. In this environment, project-specific program versions are required in order to control the individual systems. These program versions may include network lists, EA lists, multiple components such as HMI visualisation, PLCs, robot programs, configurations for frequency converters, specifications for safety interlocks etc. Around 35 employees currently have access to this data, and it is extremely important that they are always aware of the most recent versions of programs and data. versiondog makes this possible by allowing users to create documented versions of changes and to easily keep track of all project data using systematic life-cycle management. Checking the most recent data and program versions also ensures greater reliability. versiondog analyses the data and programs of the various different project components. Its automated functions help deal with the flood of data and versions in any production environment. versiondog not only manages data centrally, it also identifies, records and tracks all changes in device software automatically. Users can see exactly which program is running in production, and setpoints and parameters can be checked and restored at any time. Page 1/4


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