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Case Study - versiondog Factory Floor Status

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Case Study - versiondog Factory Floor

CASE STUDY Factory Floor Status Automotive manufacturer speeds up S7 firmware updates with versiondog Factory Floor Status In the production facility of one particular German automotive manufacturer, SIMATIC S7 firmware updates used to require a great deal of man hours and represented a huge organisational challenge. These updates are rolled out frequently in order to fix device errors, for example, and each time the same questions are asked: “Which firmware and hardware is installed on which PLCs? Which devices will actually be affected by the update?” Previously, this information was recorded manually using Excel tables. Every time an update was announced, the relevant data had to first be updated by hand. Depending on the number of PLCs and CPUs being used at the facility, this could be a long and arduous process. This particular automotive manufacturer uses around 800 PLCs across an area of 7000 square metres. On top of the fact that large sections of the facility were difficult to access, maintenance workers also had to deal with barely visible CPUs. The facility even had to be partially shut down just to read the devices’ MLFB numbers. Für die Versionsverwaltung und DatensicheThe data management system versiondog by AU- VESY has been used for version control and backing up the facility’s PLCs for around 4 years now. The system has become an indispensable maintenance tool and ensures complete documentation and traceability of all changes made to PLCs, CNCs, HMIs, robots and SCADA systems as well as the central management of projects or programs. Automated backups mean that data from ongoing production processes is backed up on a regular basis. If this data is deleted, overwritten or a particular device fails, then the most recent version is always available from a central location and can be restored at the push of a button. versiondog has now become the gold standard of internal quality and data management systems and is therefore used throughout the entire plant at this particular location. Depending on the how often changes are made, around 2,500 components in the press shop, body shop, paint shop and assembly facilities are backed up on a daily or weekly basis and compared with the versions stored on the central server (online-offline comparison). In a bid to reduce the effort involved in firmware updates and to increase efficiency in this area, this automotive manufacturer decided to look for a software-based solution. The result of this customer-initiated project is Factory Floor Status, Page 1/4


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