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Case Study - versiondog in use at Stihl

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Case Study - versiondog in use at

REFERENZ | STIHL A professional tool for the maker of tools for professionals STIHL significantly improves plant reliability with versiondog In large, heavily-specialised production facilities, such as those belonging to STIHL, it is vital that both management and maintenance are able to keep track of all aspects of their production. Thanks to versiondog, time-consuming searches for data and documentation have long since become a thing of the past. At STIHL manufacturing facilities, maintenance is organised into two divisions. Each division has its own maintenance team, who use their extensive technical expertise to monitor and maintain the plant’s daily operations. Situated above them is a central maintenance pool, which is made up of a team of specialists whose job it is to support the on-site teams if there are any time constraints or when specialised know-how is required. Due to their geographical proximity, the maintenance teams working at the Waiblingen and Ludwigsburg facilities are able to exchange ideas and share experiences with greater ease. That isn’t quite the case with the STIHL maintenance teams located in Switzerland, the USA, Brazil and China. However, the lack of frequency is made up for by the quality of the exchanges; when they do take place, they are run in the form of workshops and by inhouse staff who make production equipment for the company. Designing and making their own production equipment for use in both in-house and external facilities is what gives STIHL one of its most important competitive advantages. According to Thomas Ruppmann, who has been involved in the design of production facilities at STIHL since 1991, it is an invaluable advantage for operations – certainly from the point of view of maintenance – that “the plant constructors are in-house and readily available. When we build our own plants then we are responsible Page 1/4


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