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Case Study - versiondog in use at Tata Steel

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Case Study - versiondog in use at Tata

CASE STUDY | Tata Steel Using software to refine the process of steel manufacture versiondog helps the maintenance department HTD at Tata Steel reduce downtime It is a cold hard fact that steel production in Europe can hardly be made economically viable unless manufacturing facilities use the very latest equipment and technology. And there is no alternative to operating 24/7. So it is clear that the number of stoppages has to be kept to an absolute minimum, and, when unavoidable, must be as short as possible. At Tata Steel, the change management and version control software versiondog has become a proven and effective means of combating downtime and reducation production costs. Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with manufacturing plants in 26 countries and commercial operations in more than 35 countries. In Europe, it is the second largest steel maker. Its production facilities not only employ cutting-edge technology in all areas, but extremely close attention is paid to life-cycle costs. There is virtually no other way to manufacture steel competitively in Europe. Also indispensable is a maintenance department that is able to react quickly when necessary, and is as technologically up-to-the-minute as the production plants. The versiondog change management and version control software has played a key role at Tata Steel for some time now. It was first used by the company in 2011 at its Ijmuiden plant in the Netherlands. At the time, this kind of software was not completely new to the company. Since 2005, they had been using a version control product called VersionWorks that was then being distributed by the Dutch version control specialist, Agilitec BV. After support for Version- Page 1/4


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