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Case Study - versiondog in use at thyssenkrupp Automotive

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Case Study - versiondog in use at thyssenkrupp

CASE STUDY THYSSENKRUPP No PLC forgoen versiondog plays a central role for the maintenance department at thyssenkrupp The Smart car may be small in size – however, as far as the reliability of its producon processes is concerned, the city vehicle encompasses just as many demands as do larger vehicles. thyssenkrupp produces Smart vehicles at its Hambach (Moselle) factory, the maintenance department of which employs AUVESY’s versiondog. thyssenkrupp specializes in the construcon of axles and its Hambach (Moselle) facility is responsible for the producon of Smart front axles and rear axles (including the motor). The company has seven facilies world-wide that produce for such a diverse range of OEM’s as AMG and BMW. Each thyssenkrupp facility is tailored to meet the producon requirements of the OEM and is typically located in the vicinity of the OEM. The Ham-bach (Moselle) producon facility is especially unique as its assembly lines are situated on the same premises as that of the Smart producon site. Terms of delivery are naturally ghter than they would be elsewhere. Gilles Gaeng, Technical Manager of Maintenance and IT at thyssenkrupp explains: “A Smart vehicle is pro-duced every two minutes and we have to deliver our axles accordingly. Where other plants might have several hours, at Hambach we only have 32 minutes. This small buffer means zero tolerance when it comes to delays. Or else the whole plant is le standing.” Prevenve maintenance has been in place for the last eight years. In addion, risk assessment is regularly carried out for all devices. In accordance with an improvement management system, adjustments are made when anomalies occur at certain points. The Hambach produc- on facility plays a lead role when it comes to this process. The organizaon of maintenance, the introducon of AUVESY’s versiondog data management soware, and the execuon of automac backups and documentaon of soware status of controllers all began as pilot projects at this facility. These pilot projects set the precedent and other plants began to follow suit. Unplanned downmes need to be resolved immediately. Gilles Gaeng, the technical manager makes it clear: “In my posion, I don’t have the me to think about how I am going to resolve an issue. I only have me to think how I can get producon to connue.” The customer’s demands were clear and a soluon in the form of a standardized data management soware was quickly found. Prevenng downme In was during an internet search that Gaeng happened upon versiondog. It quickly became clear that he had found the soware he had been looking for, one which would automacally, regularly, and reliably document and store current soware versions and would pro- Page 1/4


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