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Case Study - versiondog used at Mann+Hummel

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Case Study - versiondog used at

CASE STUDY | MANN + HUMMEL No more searching for software Making life easier for maintenance staff with the version control system versiondog „Documentation is key.” This is the last piece of advice that production line suppliers always give their customers. And yet, despite the best intentions, the advice is usually swiftly forgotten. At Mann + Hummel, however, staff have truly taken this mantra on board. At the company’s factory in Marklkofen, version control and data management software has been in use for over 16 years now. Not only were they one of the very first users of versiondog, they even used its predecessor, too. Marklkofen is the branch of the Mann + Hummel group that makes filters for all automobile fluids except water. The filters then go to the spare parts business, with only a small proportion of the factory’s production dedicated to parts for industrial filters. With a production area spanning 200,000 m², Marklkofen is the company’s largest facility, and thus plays something of a leading role in all aspects of production, either in the form of new machines, production processes or process standardisation. Klaus Wanninger, head of electrical maintenance at this location, says, “We’re really good at what we do.” Nonetheless, considerable money is invested every year in new machines, robots and peripheral devices. Production begins on a Monday morning and ends on Saturday on a three-shift system, with a particular emphasis placed on maximising availability and minimising downtime. In order to achieve this, almost every part of the production process is networked. All of the machines are connected to an MES system, so they can be fully monitored and all errors can be recorded. If a new machine is added, then it is allocated a new IP address, Page 1/4


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