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One-Pager versiondog Quicksave

One-Pager versiondog

versiondog Quicksave Temporary backups of ongoing work Create quick backups of your work while doing larger edits without the need to create a new version. What does it do? • Saves ongoing work on the versiondog server so that you can continue on another day or even at another workstation • Prevents data loss • Smart workflow • Easy to use • Saves file space on the server by automatically deleting older backups • Keeps change histories clean by only versioning finished work How will it save time and money? • Saves time by not having to wait for a full comparison of your project data (such as when creating a normal version) • Fewer losses of unfinished work • Increases productivity by simplifying your workflow • Saves time by reducing manual actions Are there any requirements or costs? • An active versiondog server license is required Where can I find out more? Wednesday, October 7, 2020 • Versiondog INFO • Videos Mario Falkner Product Manager Tel: +49 6341 6810 558 E-mail: Mario.


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