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onePager Asset Inventory Service

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onePager Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory Service Find, manage and analyze your OT inventory Automatically obtain an always up-to-date overview of your OT assets to be managed and secured What does it do? • Manage all your OT assets • Automatic asset detection • Asset data enriched with information from versiondog • Asset risk score • Asset management • Asset detection • Risk & vulnerability score • Gain detailed information about your assets (e.g. Firmware versions) • Risk & vulnerability report • Find devices not yet integrated into versiondog What are the benefits? • Increases OT inventory visibility for better patch level management • Reduces manual work adding devices to asset management • Optimizes OT inventory processes by centralizing information access • Better decision making due to aggregated data • Includes versiondog compatibility for enhanced efficiency • Increased visibility ensures for more effective governance • Reduction of production downtime due to enhanced vulnerability detection • Quality of decisions and speed of decision-making significantly improved due to centralized information access Are there any requirements or costs? • Active Asset Inventory Service license required • Active versiondog server license required Where can I find out more? • versiondog INFO Mario Falkner Product Manager Tel: +49 6341 6810 554 E-mail: Thursday, April 15, 2021


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