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Friday, August 6, 2021 automation solution center The digital platform for automated production for better and easier decisions. Digital platform for modular extensions and connection of versiondog, further systems and data. The future of data management is now. What does it do? • Collects and stores data from several data sources, including versiondog, in one data warehouse • Handles large amounts of data due to business analytics and data lake technology • Visualizes information and KPIs in different perspectives • Supported by Business Intelligence and Analytics • Web-based and modular • Predictive maintenance • Generation of new information by linking existing data • Analytic modules to optimize processes and the versiondog server and support versiondog administrators • Individual connect modules to use functionality and information on a central place What are the benefits? • Leverages and links data from the production level to the fully integrated IIOT ecosystem/digital ecosystem • Identifies trends, patterns, and avoids bottlenecks through license capacity overview • Provides predictive information to assist in the decisionmaking process by visualizing the facts • Increases customer productivity • Speeds up and optimizes customer processes • Central information provision • Analytic possibilities based on facts • Provides more transparency about versiondog • Does not need a connection that goes outside of the organization Are there any requirements or costs? • versiondog server license • versiondog server 9.0 • No additional license for automation solution center version 1.0 inclusive freemium content Where can I find out more? • versiondog INFO • Videos • Website Jochen Lang Product Manager Tel: +49 6341 6810 556 E-mail:


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