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OnePager AUVESY Image Service

OnePager AUVESY Image

AUVESY Image Service Automated imaging for Windows systems in IT & OT Easily create, recover and manage disc images as backups of PCs and IPCs What does it do? • Provides a complete backup solution • Automates the process of safeguarding your data • Increases data availability • BACKUP • RECOVERY • BACKUP MANAGEMENT • Utilizes your existing versiondog system • Ensures quick and clean workflow from remote installation to fast recovery How will it save time and money? • Reduces manual work in making and managing backups • Reduces production downtime • No need for third-party software • Straightforward licensing • Easy to install • Easy to use – no training necessary Are there any requirements or costs? • Active versiondog (7.5) Server license required • Needs one AUVESY Image Service license per job (includes additional component and job) Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Where can I find out more? • • Video • Website • Factsheet • User report • Specialzed press article Your Contact Jochen Lang Tel: +49 6341 6810 556 E-mail:


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