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onePager versiondog Agents

onePager versiondog

Monday, February 1, 2021 versiondog Agents Decentralization of upload and compare functionality Delegates upload and compare to other systems for better performance and more flexibility • Cross-network upload • Load balancing • Remote comparisons What does it do? • Enables load balancing by executing upload or compare on other systems • Enables you to perform a remote compare without a local editor • Can be used to perform a cross-network Upload • Online backup of WinCC runtime during operation What are the benefits? • Reduces manual work when creating and managing backups • Easy to install and easy to use • Increases performance of server systems by reducing their workload • Custom comparison and upload solutions • Can be used for load balancing of uploads and compares • Reduces license costs because comparisons can be carried out on already existing systems Are there any requirements or costs? • Active versiondog server licence required • versiondog Upload & Compare Agent add-on Where can I find out more? • versiondog INFO • Website • Webcasts Your Contact Viktor Halblaub Tel: +49 6341 6810 381 E-mail: • Factsheet


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