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onePager versiondog Job-Trigger

onePager versiondog

Monday, February 1, 2021 versiondog Job-Trigger Trigger a versiondog job execution externally Trigger a versiondog job execution automatically for a customized event e.g. a tool change on a machine • Job trigger by external events • Advanced scheduling • Process optimization What does it do? • Triggers a job in versiondog via an external event, e.g via a button on an HMI • Lets the machine decide when it needs a backup • Enables you to initiate a backup automatically after a parameter change What are the benefits? • Seamlessly integrate it into your IT/OT environment • Works with your existing OPC UA server • save resources by reducing unnecessary job executions • Optimizes your backup strategy with well-timed job executions • Allows you to create a job sequence with your own tools • Increases the quality of your data by executing your backups at the right moment • Ensures that the backup is not performed during processing Are there any requirements or costs? • Active versiondog 8.0 (or later) server licence required • Needs one versiondog job trigger licence per job Where can I find out more? • versiondog INFO • Videos • Website Your Contact Viktor Halblaub Tel: +49 6341 6810 381 E-mail: • Webcasts


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