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OnePager versiondog OPC UA Server

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OnePager versiondog OPC UA

versiondog OPC UA Server Integration of versiondog into OPC UA Provide data from the versiondog database via OPC UA in IT and OT environments What does it do? • Enables standardized integration of the versiondog system • Facilitates digitalization of reporting • Enables customization of reporting • OPC UA ACCESS • STANDARDIZED DATA EXCHANGE • Enables cross-server reporting • Increases level of automation • Supports multiple versiondog servers How will it save time and money? • Less manual work managing multiple versiondog server • Quality of decisions and speed of decisionmaking significantly improved due to centralized information access • Fast integration due to standardization Are there any requirements or costs? • Active versiondog Server license required • versiondog Export Module add-on • versiondog OPC UA Server license per versiondog Server Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Where can I find out more? • Webcast (German language) Your Contact Viktor Halblaub Tel: +49 6341 6810 381 E-mail:


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