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Technical article - Logistics processes in safe hands

Technical article - Logistics processes in safe

CASE STUDY Logistic Logistics processes in safe hands versiondog - The data management system at the heart of spare part logistics Logistische Prozesse in Waren- oder ErsatzteillManaging logistics processes in spare parts warehouses represents an extremely complex challenge. The main priority is to reliably provide spare parts around the clock on a global scale. The latest logistics and automation technologies help to safeguard work processes and keep everything running on schedule. In this type of environment, making changes and improvements to control processes is par for the course. However, these modifications also increase the risk of errors or even production stoppages. To avoid such situations, an integrated data management system can be used to detect and document every change made to the control processes of internal transport mechanisms, thus ensuring complete clarity and data availability at all times. By creating a backup copy of the controller’s most recent project data as well as a detailed change history, a data management system keeps projects running smoothly and at the highest quality. This is why one particular automotive manufacturer has chosen the data management system versiondog to safeguard its logistics processes for spare parts and accessories. Obligations and challenges At the central warehouse of this automotive manufacturer, the focus is firmly on delivering a reliable global supply of spare parts and accessories. The correct spare part must always be available at the right time and in the right place, while the coordination of large numbers of spare parts, storage spaces, truck movements and thousands of delivery note items also poses a huge logistical challenge. Such a huge logistical challenge requires a high degree of automation and therefore a large number of automation devices such as controllers, robots and transport systems. All of these controllers and their programs can be monitored, traced and archived using the manufacturer-independent data management system versiondog. Obligation to document changes In a production facility, changes are often made to the software and project data of controllers and automation devices/systems. These changes are carried out by various people at different times, with the ultimate aim of optimising work processes and maximising reliability. In the long Page 1/4


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