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Version Control for PLCs

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Version Control for

Technical Article Data management for automation Version control for PLCs There is one general truth that applies to automated production: The higher the level of automation in production, the more important it is to exactly match all process-related elements. Not only is this requirement of great significance when commissioning a system or plant but also during ongoing production. Constant optimisation and fine-tuning of production processes will be required in order to be able to react to growing and changing demands for product variants, efficiency and product quality. This makes it necessary to track each optimisation without effort and to conveniently retrieve any document describing changes that have been made. Of course, not only the latest change is relevant but also keeping track of past changes, starting with the initial version and covering all subsequent modifications to the system. This is particularly true in a strictly regulated manufacturing environment where corresponding documentation is a must, which includes even legacy production versions that were used a long time ago. In order to meet these requirements, AUVESY has developed "versiondog", a data management system that can be used for creating and tracking software versions for Copyright by AUVESY GmbH & Co KG · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz As of: October 2015 1 Page of 5 pages


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