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versiondog integration - Siemens TIA Portal

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versiondog integration - Siemens TIA

Overview of SIEMENS TIA Portal Integration in versiondog versiondog release SIEMENS TIA V13 SP1 versiondog 3.3 - 4.5 SIEMENS TIA V14 SP1 From versiondog 5.0 SIEMENS TIA V15.1 From versiondog 6.5 SIEMENS TIA V16 From versiondog 8.0 Integrated TIA project tree (with HMI) Yes Yes Yes Yes SmartCompare for TIA Step 7 project (Offline / Offline comparison) Automated monitoring of program changes on the S7 controller (offline/online comparison) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Detailed graphical comparison Yes Yes Yes Yes Integrated support for HMI configuration with detailed comparisons (offline/offline comparison) Yes Yes Yes Yes Clear presentation of complete change history Yes Yes Yes Yes Supported controllers for upload: Checksum compare: S7300, S7400(F), S71200(F), S71500(F) Software upload: S7300, S7400(F), S71200(F), S71500(F) The safety part of the project must not be protected with a password. Station upload: S71500(F) (from firmware 2.1) Supported controllers for comparison: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (-) (-) Yes Yes S7-1500 - S7 1500F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-1200 - S7-1200F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-400 - S7-400F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-300 - S7-300F Yes Yes Yes Yes ET / IM-Module with CPU functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes versiondog has access to password-protected CPUs (-) (-) Yes Yes Choice of communication path independent of what is being stored in the project, e.g. use of a (-) (-) Yes Yes NAT router LibraryManagement (from versiondog 8.0) Yes Yes Yes Yes * Please note that the technical requirements are available at the online versiondog INFO help platform: at • The user account must have local administrative rights • TIA Openness must be installed • The user account (with local admin rights) must be listed as a member of the group “TIA Openness” after TIA Openness has been installed • User Account Control (UAC) must be deactivated Copyright by AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz


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